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And the runner-up is…

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Xu Jinglei, actress and director, is’s second most popular blogger. This recent post, translated below, has so far received over 200,000 hits and 8,500 comments – such is the power of celebrity blogging. And this makes it quite hard to get a handle on the everyday blogosphere: if there are über-blogs out there that can attract hundreds of millions of visits (no exaggeration – Xu Jinglei is currently on 269,568,103), how do we decide how much traffic a blog needs to count as interesting?

There are two strands to the blog. The first focuses on fairly traditional PR matters, covering sponsorship events, promoting her lifestyle magazine Kaila, and talking through her latest film’s progress towards release. The second has a Xu-Jinglei-next-door flavour: see the self-deprecating tone of the post below, the super-cute babypix in other posts (very clean baby, too), and the post from March last year that begins ‘It is unbelievably cold in the house, and my typing fingers are frozen…’)

Dumbing down on holiday March 1

After 22 days on holiday, in these dull rainy days in this tropical city, I sleep until I wake naturally – after sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night for the past year, I started sleeping 9 or 10 hours; I’ve finished the 6th season of 24, become obsessed with television, and watched as much television on holiday as I have over the last five years put together.

Just as this blog was about to space out completely, news came from the team that they wanted me to put the final touches to the film to smooth preparation for the release, so the airhead took half an hour to finish packing her already overweight bags, book a ticket and rush back to Beijing!

The night I got back to China, I couldn’t sleep until nine thirty the following morning; I knew I had a meeting at midday and the more I worried about it the harder I found it to sleep. And all this in my desperation to change the airhead back into superwoman.

When I got back to China, airhead-superwoman went to work immediately at the Huairou centre. The greatest thing is that the technology is now so advanced, you have perfect freedom to adjust the colours in the print. Airhead-superwoman loves high tech .

It’s a real shame but I’ve taken no photos since my last post.

What is even more airheaded, the last two times I’ve been through the airport, on both occasions I’ve nearly lost my hand luggage …